Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three Months and counting

Can't believe we have just about 3 months until we leave for Swaziland! Wow! There have been so many emotions I have dealt with. I have had fear. So scared of leaving our kids behind. So scared of what could happen. I have also had fear of what I will see when I am in Africa. I know that this trip is going to break me a lot and it scares me when I think about it. But I know it's for the good. So, that brings me to another feeling I've been having - excitement. I am so excited to see what God is going to teach us while we are down there. So excited about all I will learn. I am also excited to be broken, because that will just show me more ways I can serve God. What a blessing! I cannot wait for this trip and feel so blessed to be able to do this! What a blessing that Jeavon and I can do it together as well! We have never been out of the country so this will be interesting, but what an awesome experience it will be!
We have to have over half our money paid by April 1. There have been times where we have wondered if we will even be able to go. This has definitely been a walk of faith for us. We have really had to trust God to bring in all the money we need and on time. :) We will have the amount we need by April 1. Praise the Lord! This makes the trip even more real, as we know for sure we will be going. I thank God for all the ways He has provided for us and made this trip possible! Wow! We are so blessed! Thank you to those of you who have helped make it possible for us to go on this mission trip! We are also VERY thankful for all the prayers as we know we need it! Please continue to pray for us. Pray for our team - that everyone will be able to get the funds they need. Also, please pray that God will prepare our hearts for this trip. Pray that we will be able to minister in the way needed while we are there. And also please pray for our safety there and back. Our children also need prayer as they will be without mom and dad for 2 weeks.
Thank you so much for your support! We really appreciate it!

Kerri Back

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