Monday, April 18, 2011

The Heart of a Child

There are days that our oldest son, Kaedon, just blows me away! On our way home from small group today he asked if we had enough money for our trip to Swaziland. He said, "Because if you don't, I will give you my money because your trip is more important than anything I could want." Wow! His heart just amazes me! It can be so hard for us sometimes to give just a little of what we have, yet my son was willing to give all he has! It excites me to see my son having a passion for others. This is my goal! I want my children to grow up serving others.
We told him thank you and we appreciated it very much. We decided instead that we would have him go shopping for some special things for the children in Swaziland. So, he is now trying to get more money to buy things for the children. Wow!
This incident just reminds me of the lesson Linda Mulanix did for the teens Sunday night. We are brought up in a society that tells us it's all about us and getting ourselves ahead. Yet, God wants us to live as servants. God wants us to have a heart that is willing to give all we have, no matter what.
There were many parts of Linda's talk last night that really broke my heart. I know that this trip will change me. The thing I didn't know was how much it would change my kids as well. How awesome to see my children wanting to serve and help others and think more about others than themselves.
I can't believe we are about 2 and a half months away from our trip. What a blessing this will be! Thank you all for your prayers and support! We truly appreciate it!


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  1. Gosh he is one amazing little duder! :)You guys are doing such a great job! :)