Friday, June 17, 2011

In the teens now!

Wow! I can't believe we are down to the teens in counting down to when we leave for our trip! So crazy! We are now down to 19 days! We had our last meeting last Sunday and we also handed in the rest of the money due for this trip! So we are all set. We are now just waiting and praying. We have many things that we need to get to bring to the people in Swaziland. What a blessing this trip will be! God is so good! It has been so awesome to see His provision in all of this! God has definitely supplied all that we need!
Later this month Jeavon and I will be going to get our last shots for this trip. Will be so glad to have those finished! :)
This has been an amazing journey for us. God has been working in us so much! This is not only changing our lives, but it's also making a difference in our children. Last week at our meeting, we had to bring our children with us as we didn't have a babysitter. The kids were very good and quiet the whole meeting. At the end of the meeting our team came together in a circle to pray. Our children wanted to be a part of this, so we let them. During prayer, Kaedon (our oldest) prayed out loud for Swaziland and our team. What a sweet prayer! God has been working in him through this as well. This really spoke to me as I always am very nervous to speak or pray out loud in a group. If my six year old can do it, why is it so hard for me to do it? I am learning so much from him. It is such a privilege.
I have been going through our house this week, because we are doing a garage sale this weekend. I can't help but think of Swaziland when I go through all of this stuff. We have so much stuff and why? Because we just had to have it? So crazy! We have so many things that we think we need, but could definitely live without. I cannot imagine how I will feel and the emotions I will go through after being to Swaziland. I am praying that I will not feel guilty, but will be a better steward of the things I have.
Please continue praying for Jeavon, me, and the rest of our team as we go to Swaziland, Africa in just 19 days! There are some who will be going in about a week, so please be praying for them as well. Please be praying for all the family members being left in the states as there are many. We appreciate the prayers and are so thankful for this opportunity! What a blessing!

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